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Identity system for communication

Let's correct a common belief: an identity system is not an appendage of a brand or corporate identity but can be used for any aspect of communication, from event organisation to a product line, to communication tools.

So that communication is possible, all elements must play a role to guarantee success. Linguistics and semantics take this for granted.
Let's imagine speaking to the same person but each time using a different language, or a different tone of voice: the inconstancy would inevitably lead to misunderstanding of the message.

In corporate communication this means that, to get the message across to the consumer, the corporate client has to use a suitable code for the purpose.

Rendering communication uniform, means transmitting the client's message unambiguously and coherently so that it will be recognisable.
The specific identity system can and must be developed to make the corporate communication tools uniform and coherent with its identity, with the twin result of encouraging assimilation of the message and being a vehicle for the brand.

Grizzanti Consulting, one of the Italian leaders in this sector, has a department that is dedicated to developing solutions of this type. The study starts with the image and the company's reality, reaching a precise and detailed definition of the elements that accompany every communicative process. After this, standards are formulated that the house organs and external collaborators must adhere to.

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