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The active role of the product

It is a known fact that entering the consumer's home isn't enough; what is needed is to reserve a part of his mind. So that a product becomes top-of-mind, it needs firstly to communicate with the consumer and directly transmit a complex core of attractive messages and values. In short, the product doesn't just have to be sold, it has to transmit a precise identity and go beyond the product itself.

The fundamental phase that a product has to undergo, from being a mainly passive object to an active tool, means changing the approach to its image. So as to dialogue with the consumer it has to be designed and developed within a specific identity system that not only holds to ethical forms and symbolic meanings but is also flexible enough for eventual future implementations.
Creating a distinct and recognisable product identity in line with the client's corporate image favours recall and contributes in positioning it clearly.
Consequently, Grizzanti Consulting provides project services of Product Identity, Naming, Brand Design, Package Design, Brand Extension etc.- for every type of product and service.

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